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    2019 Leadership Awards, Holiday Party and 1st Annual DoTY Awards!





    IDS Fundraising for PIF Projects: Team Spartan Initiative


    IDS Fundraising for PIF Projects: Team Spartan Initiative


    So far this year, your PIF committee finished work with The Fairway Foundation and NARI NYC/LI to give away a mortgage-free, completely renovated, beautifully designed home to a Purple Heart Veteran!  The funds that were raised for this project have been spent—and we need to replenish the account.  Our PIF projects are some of the most rewarding community work we do as an IDS Chapter—we hope that you will donate to support our upcoming PIF projects. 


    We were brainstorming about creative ways to raise funds for our ongoing PIF projects – and so we’re announcing a new Fundraising initiative close to the heart of some of our members.  Meet IDS Team Spartan! 


    The IDS Team Spartan ran a Sprint race earlier this year, and is now going for the Trifecta, which includes running the Super Race and a Beast Race in the upcoming months.  Our next race is this Saturday—and we’re asking you to Sponsor our team.  All Sponsorship funds will be earmarked for the Pay It Forward (PIF) projects.


    The IDS LI has a new Pay It Forward project: MOMMAS House.  MOMMAS House provides housing and support services to young mothers and their babies.  The residential homes give the mother the opportunity to continue her education or vocational experience interrupted by pregnancy.  Many of the homes are older buildings in need of home improvement or updated furnishings—the IDS LI has started working on these projects as new mothers’ rooms become available.


    Thank you for your generosity in time, supplies, mental and emotional dedication and sponsorship!  Please give what you can to help support IDS Pay It Forward Projects.  Let’s go Team IDS!




    IDS Long Island helping Momma's House

    What is MOMMAS House?

    MOMMAS HOUSE provides housing and support services to young mothers and their babies. At MOMMAS House we seek to give the mother the opportunity to continue her education or vocational experience interrupted by pregnancy. With guidance and direction, the young mothers can learn to support themselves and their children independently.


    With the help of our Pay It Forward Committee, IDS Long Island has committed to helping redesign and refurbish some of the rooms that Mommas House could use a special touch by our wonderful team at IDS Long Island!  Once again, Dee Manicone will lead our PIF Committee throughout this project, and we welcome Designer Nicole DelaCruz in leading this cause for Mommas House.  Mommas House currently has 3 homes that need some help, and we have started with the Hempstead House (see below)



    See Photo's Here!


    See Photo's Here!

    We would like to thank the following people and Vendors who have made this possible:

    Nicole DelaCruz - Designer

    Dee Manicone - Designer

    Peggy Guerin - Designer

    Isabel Melo - Designer

    Sandra Asdourian - Designer

    Marie Byrne - Designer

    Joe Calise - IDS-LI President

    Dean Camastro - IDS-LI Vice President

    Harry Katz / Carpet One - Cyndy Katz

    Symmetry Closets - Bonnie Reich / Sheree Jeanes


    IDS featured in LI Press

    Volunteers Renovated A Long Island Home, A Nonprofit Will Give It To A Veteran For Veterans Day


    Click here for full article





    The INN in Newsday


    This is from the Newsday article printed on 03/18/2018.  Nice to see our room still being put to good use!


    Pay It Forward - EAST

    IDS Long Island along with The Fairway Foundation, and with the help of NARI were delighted to give this house to a deserving Veteran on June 25th, 2019.

    See Photo's Here!

    Watch the CBS Morning Show Video here!


    This is the Veteran's Project we have raised, and donated money towards from IDS Long Island!

    There will be a press conference to announce the project

    Going forward.  Let's coordinate to assemble those who would

    Be interested in working on this.  The house is located in Mastic.  

    It's a three bedroom ranch.  Needs interior work and decoration but

    Is in reasonable shape.   

    If you are interested in working on this project, please contact [email protected] 


    Letter from IDS National President Kimberly Joi McDonald


    Joe (Calise) and Dolores (Manicone):

    Per my posts on your social media commending the IDS Long Island Chapter for your Purple Heart Veteran Home Giveaway, as part of your innovative Pay It Forward Committee, this is to formally thank you both, the chapter members, and sponsors for creating and providing such an impact to the deserving and awestruck veteran and family. Such a bold act as this is what IDS is about, reflecting our social consciousness to do good in our communities with our talent, give charitably when we can, have compassion and strength for humanity, and to always treat others with professionalism, dignity and respect.

    Thank you for commandeering this well-thought out and well-executed community service project which has such a tremendous impact on our veterans, and which merited national press recognition. Thank you for rewarding our veterans who fought and still fight to keep our country free. 

    I am certain that the IDS National Board of Directors joins us in commending the IDS Long Island Chapter for your outstanding leadership as chapter members, and for the leadership of both of you. Please share these words with them. 

    Thank you, immensely, for rising to this high-level of grand leadership! 



    Kimberly JOI McDonald

    2018-19 National President

    Interior Design Society